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"3 (come) cue child care tickets" business

Publication day: February 26, 2018 update

About distribution of having many children household support coupon business "3 cue child care ticket"

Business summary

Among household where child after the third child was born in business to perform because Saitama reduces burden to affect child care on having many children household, we distribute available ticket to child care services.

<example of available service>

  • Service (baby-sitter, housework helper, service of family support center) to support parent
  • Service (schoolchild nersery room, temporary custody, illness child, convalescent child childcare business) to leave child
  • Parent and child area contact service (parent and child contact events carried out in concert, the municipalities which can participate in parent and child)
  • Other services (for the actual expenses collection such as diaper charges, school lunch fee in nursery schools, going to kindergarten bus equal)

The details of available service this (sakigyokukenshokomatsurigotosakuka homepage)


Household (having many children household) where child after the third child was born after April 1, 2017 (Heisei 29)

Amount of money

In three years for 50,000 yen (in the first year, the second year in 20,000 yen, the third year 10,000 yen)


Target person attaches attached documents after filling out matter necessary for application, and please submit to prefecture (trust company). Ticket is sent later when we have you submit application.

3 cue child care ticket applications [PDF file /125KB]

3 cue child care ticket applications (entry example) [PDF file /189KB]

We can download application on homepage of prefecture. In addition, we distribute at the following windows in the city.

  • Child family section (the second floor of the city hall fifth window)
  • Citizen's section (the second floor of the city hall first window)
  • Todakoen station square Administration Center
  • Misasa Office
  • Welfare health center

 <required document>

 1. Resident's card (about with relation, my number and permanent domicile thing without mention) of all the households

 2. Resident's card (about with relation, my number and permanent domicile thing without mention) which "person to bring up in children who did not live together 18 years or younger" was listed in

(explanatory note) About 2 mentioned above, please submit only when you correspond. In addition, acquisition expense of resident's card is paid by applicant.


We would like inquiry about acquisition methods of sending of application and ticket at the following.

[3 cue child care ticket secretariat]

Address: 〒 171-0014 2-65-18, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Ikebukuro West building Saitama 3 cue child care ticket secretariat

Telephone: 0570-043-344

In addition, on homepage of Saitama, we introduce the details about "3 cue child care tickets". sakigyokukenshokomatsurigotosakuka homepage is this place

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