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Child care information magazine (child care support book)

Publication day: June 14, 2018 update

It is booklet which we summarized child care support information of city which is usable until delivery from all over the pregnancy in.
We distribute to one moved into in delivered one, Toda City.
Person wanting booklet come to distribution in one except the above.

(explanatory note) Phone number of emergency telephone consultation of seven pages of Saitama becomes #7119 definitely.

Child care support book in 2018 for

2018 (Heisei 30) child care support book [PDF file /16 .82MB]

I hand child care support book in following distribution.

  1. City hall child family section
  2. Welfare health center
  3. City hall citizen's section
  4. Misasa Office
  5. Todakoen station square Administration Center
  6. Child center Primrose
  7. Child center Kodomonokuni
  8. Seven places of parent and child contact open spaces
  9. Todakoen station square child care open space


Collection of links that gathered child care information is this

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