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To Toda ka original nature reproduction business "future children in rich nature"

Publication day: June 14, 2018 update

To Toda ka original nature reproduction business "future children in rich nature"

Primrose of Toda ka Haratodamichan (meeting)

Grass haradesu where "Toda ka Hara" spread out in old days along Arakawa of Toda. Primrose seemed to bloom as far as we looked around when there was spring. In the Edo era, we were known as famous spot of primrose, and many people came for cherry blossom viewing.

However, as primrose decreases more to pick at the end of the Taisho era, and town grows big afterwards, in Toda ka Hara, in about 1945; disappeared.

Therefore we wrestle for nature reproduction from 2007 to regain Toda ka Hara that is original scenery with oldness of Toda in Toda City.

Damp ground project that wild flower including primrose colors

Flower which assumes primrose representative colors, and many wild creatures aim at habitation, damp ground to grow.

In the following damp ground reproduction areas, we are reproducing naturally now.

Toda ka original nature reproduction area first issue place (damp ground reproduction area A B)

Toda ka wilderness grass garden (damp ground reproduction area C)

Damp ground reproduction area F

Toda ka original nature reproduction area first issue place (damp ground reproduction area A B)

In February, 2010, we made "the Toda ka original nature reproduction area first issue ground" in Aya lake, Doman Green Park. We plant primrose todasuge with citizen's everybody and push forward activity to protect, and to bring up in place that can enjoy wild flower, chicken, nature including insect to cage cage in the four seasons so that it is.

Toda ka original spring Toda ka original summer

Spring scenery                          Summer scenery 

Toda ka original autumn Toda ka original winter

Autumn scenery                          Winter scenery

Primrose planting area

Toda ka original supporter (civic volunteer) carries out around 1-2 times a month, management work.

The number of the primrose growth stocks of 1 place is beyond approximately 10,000 stocks, and nature of ex-"Toda ka Hara" is reviving, and we reach nature mating, and result of approach appears.

Primrose blooming in spring is worth seeing. We hold cherry blossom viewing event of primrose called "festival that Toda ka original cherry tree complies" with every year.

Toda ka original spring Primrose

Low grassy place area

We introduce following areas original wild grass (native species) to make the highlight except primrose in 1 place.

We are doing Toda ka original athletic supporter (civic volunteer) and maintenance and management so that colorful flower which we accepted in season is seen.

Cirsium japonicum Lizard's tail

 Dog Lysimachia Fortunei Hemerocallis longituba


 Toda ka original nature reproduction place access map  We run todamichan

From JR Saikyo Line or Musashino Line Musashi-Urawa Station from "Shimosasame line" bus ride, "Aya lake, Doman Green Park entrance" drop off walk ten minutes, JR Saikyo Line Kita-Toda Station toco bus Misasa circulation ride "Doman" drop off walk eight minutes

We are chosen in "Kanto water and 100 selections of green network bases"!

Toda ka original nature reproduction area first issue place with familiar local scenery and nature in Kanto area and person is concerned and is chosen as "Kanto water and one of 100 selections of green network bases with water with connection as green network base.
We will push forward natural reproduction by connection of "nature, scenery, person" carefully from now on!

Page of "100 selections of network bases of Kanto water and green" from this

Toda ka wilderness grass garden (damp ground reproduction area C)

On November 17, 2016, we made "Toda ka wilderness grass garden" in Aya lake, Doman Green Park.

On the day we had you participate in citizen's all of you who were interested in wild grass and planted todasuge, amsony, dog Lysimachia Fortunei, thoroughwort, lizard's tail, wild chrysanthemum, flower of field such as shirobanasakuratade. We have citizens who participated in plantation predominate mainly and are going to manage in future. 

Citizen's distribute flower of field which we set here in seminal state by past primrose plantation event and let citizen brings up at home and germinate and plant thing brought up in planted state partly.

Flower of field Group photo

Amsony todasuge


Access map Toda ka original imprint

In addition, it is central place where people gather most in area adjacent to Aya lake, Doman Green Park appreciation pond here. As place of spread of Toda ka original nature reproduction enlightenment, we publicize about "flower of field" different from gardening plant in gangs.

Damp ground reproduction area F

It is area that "we reproduce damp ground with long eyes in wide area" and do where ex-Toda ka Hara is imaged. We had AEONSTYLE Kitatoda, Aeon Mall Kitatoda cooperate on February 6, 2016 and planted primrose and became area that primrose grew newly.

Management work such as the imported plants extermination is accompanied to enlarge place planting primrose. We raise company, group which can cooperate with management work and want to enlarge plantation place sequentially in future.

Plantation Group photo

Spring area F Primrose 

In addition, this area is appointed in natural maintenance zone, and entrance is usually prohibited. (approach of primrose gets permission from upper Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Arakawa river office which is driven by management and carries out.)

You cannot see close, but please watch warmly from the embankment top as you aim at place where primrose is in full glory like pink carpet in the future.

About place of each damp ground reproduction area

About each place of damp ground reproduction area, please see Toda ka original damp ground reproduction district position figure [PDF file /1 .35MB].

Forest project that Neozephyrus taxila flies

Neozephyrus taxila is butterfly of Saitama, and male is beautiful color of emerald green. Slightly wet place of flood plain was dotted with black alder forest, and Neozephyrus taxila that larva ate leaf of black alder in the people in summer flew once. There is record that was confirmed in the city in the past.

For Neozephyrus taxila flying in the sky of Toda again, we gather kind from black alder growing in the city in 2010 and plant young plant of black alder brought up from kind from 2011 with citizen, high school, kindergarten, company.

Neozephyrus taxila 2013 planting black alder Sunflower kindergarten

We planted black alder from 2011 through 2015 in Aya lake, Doman Green Park.

For plural age, we have educational foundation nine village school Urawa business Gakuennaka school, high school cooperate to bring route of black alder which we planted in Aya lake, Doman Green Park close to ka shallows park so far in autumn when habitation of Neozephyrus taxila is confirmed now and, from 2016, plant black alder in Lake Urawa business school Aya synthesis ground.

Tree planting in Urawa business school Aya lake synthesis ground Group photo

State (December 27, 2016) of tree planting by student of biology department of school, high school out of Urawa business school

Interchange project of person and nature, person and person

Through natural reproduction of Toda ka Hara, we aim at rebuilding of person and relations with nature that have been lost by disappearance of imminent nature and regenerate interchange with person and person more than occupations in generation that makes nuclear family through participation in nature reproduction and management, and is lost by the loss of community.

Citizen and company, collaboration with educational institution

Toda ka original nature reproduction volunteer, CSR activity menu

As person to want to participate in volunteer has menu, please see than the following.

Toda ka original nature reproduction volunteer, CSR activity menu


We have guide to maintenance and management work and visitor of Toda ka original nature reproduction area first issue place, administration of event cooperate with approximately 90 Toda ka original supporters.

As for the person to want to participate as Toda ka original supporter, you see Toda ka original supporter offer flyer [PDF file /789KB], and please contact public interest incorporated foundation Toda City water and green public corporation. In addition, as for the details about activity, please see page of Toda ka original supporter.

Management work Guide to visitor


We are having you cooperate with AEONSTYLE Kitatoda, Aeon Mall Kitatoda, consumers' cooperative co-op mirai, Toda City water in various scenes from green public corporations now. About each approach, please see the following.

AEONSTYLE Kitatoda, Aeon Mall Kitatoda

Consumers' cooperative co-op mirai

Toda City water and green public corporation

Co-op mirai soup offer Ion photo exhibition

In addition, we have you inflect as place of contribution to society activity of company. Please feel free to contact.

Educational institution

For the purpose of bringing up "Toda ka Hara" and attachment for "nature" to children, we have cooperation at various opportunities such as high school student, junior high student, primary schoolchild to plantation of conduct, primrose and black alder of business trip to todamichan class, rental of primrose to participation, nursery school and kindergarten of kindergartener.

Primrose rental Among Misasa

Toda ka original nature reproduction character

Image fairy watching nature of Toda City, of Toda ka Hara from ""mi" of watching "was named. Thank you, everybody!

   todamichan (todasuge)       todamichan (fly)

todamichanno official homepage to this

Toda ka original newsletter

We send states of Toda ka Hara 4 times a year.

Toda ka original newsletter 45th [PDF file /842KB]

Past back number to this

Toda ka original nature reproduction blog

We send state of Toda ka Hara in real time.

Blog from this (page that association of Saitama ecosystem protection manages)

Event in Toda ka Hara

Event schedule
DatePlace Event name




Aim and plan

Three aims of Toda ka original nature reproduction business

We play Toda ka Hara bringing up aim 1 a variety of wild creatures

We revitalize two aims and interchange of nature, person and person           

We make use of aim 3 in town development that wants to live, and wants to continue living

About the history and the future of Toda ka Hara

Whole Toda ka original nature reproduction business design summary version [PDF file /1 .26MB]
About Toda ka Hara, utilize way of thinking of Toda ka original nature reproduction, contents of Toda ka original nature reproduction, profit of Toda ka Hara, about process of Toda ka Hara nature reproduction

(explanatory note) Please contact green park section for one that wants to look at the main story.

Toda workbookNatural reproduction business image

Toda ka original workbook [PDF file /2 .64MB
About creatures which lived in Ayumi of Toda ka Hara, primrose which bloomed in Toda ka Hara, Toda ka Hara

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