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About search method

Publication day: February 19, 2015 update

In Toda City official site, we prepare for search feature in site.
We input keyword that we want to search into entry field in the upper part of each page and only click "search button", and search in site is possible.

About search method

You input word about information to want to know into text box, and please push "search" button.
Search results are displayed.

Search by single keyword

It is method to appoint one keyword that we want to check, and to search.
Input example: When we want to search "application", we input with "application" on input frame.

Search by plural keywords

We input plural keywords and search page where all of keywords that we input is included in. Please let space (both full size and half size are all right) enter between keyword and keywords. We can input keywords more than three. Input example: When we want to search "application of resident's card", we input with "resident's card application" on input frame.

Attention at the time of input

Upper- and lowercase of the input alphabet is not distinguished. For example, at the time of both "NET" "net" input, the search results are displayed.
(explanatory note) Search in site uses function of Google Search. Please note that you may take a given period of time before new information is reflected by search results.

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