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A lot of Toda City facility reservation

Publication day: June 1, 2015 update

Various reservations

1.Toda City sanitarium "hot water of Shirata"

It is rest that is available to people living in the suburbs let alone citizen casually and facility for leisure.

Photograph of Toda City sanitarium

Detailed information such as space room information, reservation is this

2.Public facilities reservation system

You can reserve public facilities (11 facilities) in the city including welfare center and child center.
(explanatory note) public facilities reservation system used from June 1, 2015, and started.

Photograph of welfare health center

Application for confirmation and reservation (public facilities reservation system) of the space situation is this

It is this about summary and user registration method of public facilities reservation system

3.Sports facility reservation guidance

You can reserve various sports facilities including Aya lake, Doman Green Park.

Photograph of sports center

Space information, reservation is this

Usage guidance, important news is this

4.Toda municipal library

At Toda municipal library, we can have possession document be reserved commencing with collection of books search.
When it is used anything other than library guidance, library card number / password of library is necessary.
(please refer to direct library for issuance of ticket / password)

Photograph of library

Collection of books search is this

Toda municipal library is this

5.House of Toda City boy nature

We throw open widely in group, family, group as a certain lifelong learning facility in comfortable environment of the Mount Nyukasa foot.

Photograph of house of boy nature

Usage guidance is this

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