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Publication day: June 20, 2018 update

The Toda city

Public facilities guidance
We offer access map to public facilities in the city.

Toda City Education Center
We place information such as usage guidance of business introduction and facility of Education Center, city elementary and junior high school.

Cultural Center
It is full of event information commencing with introduction of Cultural Center.

Other than usage guidance, event of library, collection of books search, seeing and hearing document can do reservation, forwarding request.

Folk museum
It is full of information such as permanent construction display of folk museum and entertainment.

Saiko Nature Study Center
We introduce the animals and plants around Aya lake or course hosted by center.

Sports center
Other than usage guidance of sports center, we can apply for reservation and lottery of facility.

Sasame community center (komparu)
Commencing with reporting such as event of komparu, circle activity, we can perform exchange of opinions in electronic forum, too.

Toda City volunteer, social movement support center
Person who wants to participate in social movement and site where social movement group can come across.

Boat race Toda
We know all of motorboat races commencing with information of race.

Bracken Toda hygiene center association
We introduce role of the bracken Toda hygiene center that is base of environmental administration of both bracken Toda cities.

Nursery school of Toda City
It is page where nursery school information of Toda City is placed in.

Private nursery school guide
In page of association of all corporate judicial person Saitama private nursery schools society, you can look at information of all private nursery schools of Saitama.

Toda City International Association (TIFA)
In page of Toda City International Association, information such as activity or friendship sister city of International Association is placed.

Toda City water and green public corporation
City Tourism Association was merged with city greenery public corporation. We introduce Aya lake, Doman Green Park information.

Social welfare corporation Toda City social welfare corporation
Facility introduction or usage guidances such as "Toda smile town" or Elderly Citizens' Day Service Center "contact land Toda" publish special elderly nursing home.

Social welfare corporation Toda City Council of Social Welfare
Information such as various business introductions, facility guidance is offered volunteer center.

Nonprofit foundation Toda City silver human resources center
We offer work appropriate for elderly person to undertaking, member from company, home, public body.

Toda City business and industry society
Casebooks of management are published other than introduction of company in the city.

Saitama, Doman, Toda bank of a river fishing ground
We introduce Doman bank of a river spatula crusian carp fishing ground which is fishing ground of Toda citizen rest, gold fishing ground.

General bracken Toda City medical association
We introduce emergency medical office and hospital, medical office of each district.

General bracken Toda dental association
We can search dentist of your town. We perform medical examination by dentistry health business of Toda City.

South Saitama public health center
Southern public health center is local organization of Saitama health medical care part. (we have jurisdiction over two cities of Warabi City, Toda City)

Toda City child society upbringing alliance meeting
We support activities and activity of child society.

Friendship, sister city

Misato-machi, Saitama

Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima

Liverpool (Australia New South Wales)

Kaifeng City

Government offices

The Prime Minister's office
Other than the Prime Minister's office, we understand the movement of country including homepage of each ministries and government offices.

Official homepage of Saitama.

In the public libraries in Saitama, it is crossing search system
We can search the collection of books such as municipalities village libraries in Saitama at a time.

National local government map search (J-LIS)
We can search homepage of the local governments of the whole country.

Saitama area information network (Aya netto)
We offer agriculture and forestry fisheries-related movement of Saitama area.

Prefecture south four town development meeting
We offer information of four prefecture south (Kawaguchi, Soka, Toda, bracken).

Interjurisdictional affiliation made with person from country Saitama of Aya
Special local government which works on Saitama and human resources development of the staff of all prefecture municipalities.

Information disclosure, the personal information protection synthesis information desk
The Kanto district administration evaluation station answers inquiry of information disclosure and system for privacy protection.

Self-Defense Forces Saitama region Cooperation Headquarters
Official homepage of Self-Defense Forces Saitama region Cooperation Headquarters.

The Saitama Police
Public information document, crime, traffic statistics, various procedure guidance. Reporting reception desk to the crime investigation.

Judiciary support center "law terrace" in Japan
We offer law information to be helpful when we were involved in legal trouble.


Saitama Council of Social Welfare
We perform various business to push forward community-based welfare in sakigyokukenshakyo.

Tokyo Electric Power "moving renraku book"
From the Internet, we can perform moving procedures such as electricity, gas, water supply by lump.

From the Internet, we can apply for beginning to use, cancellation of gas.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
From the Internet, we can apply for electric beginning to use, stop.

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