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About the handling of personal information

Publication day: August 28, 2014 update

About collection, use, protection of personal information that had you offer Toda City from all of you, we establish matter about the handling of personal information as follows.

Personal information refers to "information (full name, address, phone number) that can distinguish authorized individual in information about individual".

1.About the acquisition of personal information

We can use normal contents of this site without revealing personal information distinguishing your birth and parentage.

But we ask for entry of full name, address, e-mail address to meet document handling requirements in convenience and Toda city of reply in "contribution form page" having opinion. In addition, in the acquisition of personal information, we decide to acquire than the person with the personal information. We evade the risk that personal information of users is seen in third party by encrypting communication data using coding communication facility called SSL with contribution form to have opinion.

2.About use of personal information

We use personal information (full name, address) that was offered with contribution form only for certification identification for reply and confirmation and, other than these purposes, do not use at all.

3.About preservation of personal information

We do not do that we let Toda City gives personal information that was offered any place other than the jurisdiction department in the agency outside, the agency and save at all.
But it is excluded when we get consent of the person who had you offer information or when we are called by laws.

4.About security of data having you transmit from letter to the mayor, inquiry to each section, form including questionnaire

Toda City adopts method (code communication technology = SSL) to perform coding, decoding so that important data of customer are not intercepted by third party.
We can confirm to see digital certificate when we have you click icon.

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