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Toda City wireless LAN (e-Toda spot)

Publication day: June 21, 2017 update

e-Toda spot (wireless LAN Internet service)

In two places of cities, we provide wireless LAN service "e-Toda spot".
Here, we bring in own "note PC" and "tablet" which everybody was used to and can use the Internet under the safe wireless LAN environment.

List of setting facilities

  • The first floor of the Cultural Center lobby
  • Exclusive corner in front of the second floor of the library counter

Photograph 1 of desk of library
Use environment (library) of PC

Photograph 2 of desk of library
Exclusive desk is prepared for library

Use use and instructions

  • You bring in your note PC, and please use for "search, reading, investigation into information".
  • Mention of "full name, address, phone number, the use date and time" is necessary by all means after having you agree to "acceptable use policy" on the use, and having had you show "identification card".
  • We are doing use time with "around three hours" to have many people use.
  • Reading of "email chat, encounter system, game gamble" limits the use to have you use safely.

Connection condition

  • In addition to Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 equipped with Wi-Fi, it is available in MacOS, iOS, Android.
  • You apply the latest service pack Security Patch, and please use the use in self-responsibility after having taken safety measures respectively.
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