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e-Toda family

Publication day: March 1, 2018 update

e-Toda family introduces "IT service of Toda City".
(explanatory note), with IT service of Toda City, utilize homepage or email, and point to service that can enjoy information with PC tablet smartphone of citizen's various places through the Internet.


Information portal site (normal version)

We send information that city handles in official homepage.

Information portal site (disaster version) (new page)

At the time of disaster occurrence, we are replaced by homepage providing disaster information quickly.
Disaster information uses Twitter to send in real time.

Social media of Toda City

We utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and send information of various towns.
In addition, in smartphone app "toco puri," we collect information of town casually and can tell.

Event calendar

Looking for event in the city, we update every day.

iitoda map

In electronic map "iitoda map of Toda City," we disclose barrier-free information, various map information that cities such as earthquake, flood hazard map hold.

Open data

We disclose information such as statistics, creature, image which city holds in the second available form.

Information morals school

About important information morals, we offer the teaching materials which various places and child of family can learn happily in using PC and tablet, smartphone.

Service that is received in public facilities

e-Toda spot (wireless LAN for note PCs)

In two places of cities, we provide wireless LAN service "e-Toda spot". Here, we bring in own "note PC" and "tablet" which everybody was used to and can use the Internet under the safe wireless LAN environment. (it is safe environment, and there is limit in the use)

Public wireless LAN (wireless LAN for smartphones)

In "cherry tree pal in the city," we offer public wireless LAN service. Own "smartphone" and "tablet" which everybody was used to are connected to the Internet using wireless LAN, and, here, they are available freely. (it is environment to use by self-responsibility, and there is not limit in the use)

Internet terminal for citizens

We install Internet terminal for citizens in 16 places of cities. It is in environment of permanent construction PC which the safe environmental cause, citizen's people read homepage of city in public facilities, and there is matter for inquiry. (it is safe environment, and there is limit in the use)

Toda City live broadcast

Toda City live camera (camera which town looks like)

We install live camera in three places of cities.
Please consider with this live camera if you think with "place where how is own town living" in. Surely there is new discovery.

River surveillance camera (camera which river looks like)

We installed live camera that two places of cities could watch water level of river as the preparation to the river flooding in the case of heavy rain.

System that reservation, application is possible

Electronic application, report service

Using the Internet, we can file for application, reports from home to Toda City.


In construction, "Saitama e-bidding combination system" is available.

Various reservation indexes

Various reservation systems are available.

Sports facility reservation system
Public facilities reservation system
Sanitarium "hot water of Shirata" reservation system
Library "collection of books search, possession document reservation"
House (only as for the telephone reservation) of boy nature

Mail delivery

iitoda email (registration start civic on March 1, 2018)

We deliver "news from city" "disaster prevention, weather information" "emergency broadcast system" "crime prevention information" "industry, working information" by email.

(we deliver by mail from citizen registration start, April, 2018 from March, 2018 and start)

Toda City disaster prevention information email (in the end of March, 2018, we finish delivery)

We deliver urgent information by email at earthquake information and weather warning, warning, other disasters.

toda peace guard email (in the end of March, 2018, we finish delivery)

Imminent crime information is delivered by email suspicious individual information.

Breaking news email urgent urgent breaking news "area email"

We deliver urgent information to cell-phone staying in Toda city limits by email.

Vaccination schedule management system

We deliver news that we matched on inoculation day of vaccination by email.

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