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About accessibility

Publication day: December 27, 2017 update

Way of thinking of homepage

In Toda City information portal (we say "Toda City official site" as follows.), anyone works on homepage production in consideration for Web accessibility that it is easy to use.
Homepage in consideration for Web accessibility is what information and service of Toda City do not have any problem and access and can use regardless of age and physical condition, reading environment to use.

Web accessibility policy of Toda City

We released Toda City official site that we renewed on December 1, 2014.
To ": 2016 JIS X 8341-3" that is standard of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "public site operational model revised edition (2016) of all" and Web accessibility with renewal cope, and aim at achievement class AA.

Achievement class to aim for

It is 2016 class AA JIS X 8341-3

Target range

Toda City information portal (

Exception matter

Correspondence for attached files such as PDF

About PDF file, we are going to push forward correspondence along Japanese translation of WAIC (Web accessibility base Committee) and WCAG2.0 in future.

Achievement standards that we cannot meet with PDF file are as follows.
1.1.1 Achievement standard about non-text contents
1.3.1 Information and achievement standard about association
1.3.2 Achievement standard about meaningful order
1.4.3 Achievement standard about minimum contrast

About video, sound contents

JIS X 8341-3 demands the next correspondence about video and sound information with 2016.

  • In video and sound information, we provide the contents with text particularly, or video and sound contents provide knowing thing using subtitles.
  • It prevents sound and picture from reproducing automatically.

Thing having difficulty in some correspondence including video for the nature is inapplicable immediately.

About information offered in the other domain except (, we are inapplicable it is content of Toda City.

We specify reference of making department in charge and, about these contents, consider each page to be able to do explanation correspondence of contents as needed.

As a result of Web accessibility examination

We value your comments.
Was information you want placed enough?
About publication information
Were constitution and contents, expression of page things easy to read?
About page constitution, contents
Were you able to find this information immediately?
Of information see; easiness of reckoning
(explanatory note 1) As we refer to opinion that we had to do more clearly with helpful homepage, I would like cooperation.
(explanatory note 2) Can use Cookie (cookies) in browser; when is not set or browser does not support Cookie (cookies), is not available.