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Community application (toco puri) that all lead to

Publication day: March 30, 2018 update

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toco puritoha 

We collect information of town casually and are communication application that we can tell about. Smartphone app "toco puri" which we made up with citizen from development stage started on December 1, 2014 to push forward town development by collaboration with citizen and administration! Everybody uses toco purio, and do you not make Toda City more imminent town?
Process until toco puri introduction
toco purino brochure from this! toco puri brochure [PDF file /2 .29MB]

[targeted for the local government] Question example common at the time of inquiry and inspection of administrative inspection about application from this  

Function of toco puri three

1.Read: We can know information of town.

We can check information to want to know from map and list search.

2.Post: We can post information of town

We attach positional information and image and can post information. In addition, we comment for contribution of other people and we push "sympathy" button and can do it. It can inflect for common knowledge of recruitment of members and events such as citizen's groups.

3.We read news from Toda City

We will tell about information such as emergency broadcast system yatoda peace guard email, Toda City disaster prevention information email by notice of push.
(explanatory note) person who does not hope for the use of notice of push can turn off notice.
Person wanting to know three functions more look at this page!

Let's post information of town!

Person who wants to publicize person who discovered charm (wonderful place or shop) of town, person who recruits members of circle, and wants to gather friends, fun event and plan, please send information using contribution function by all means. Do you not share wonderful information of everybody in everybodies?
Person wanting to know concrete contribution example look at this page!

Downloading method 

At first it is necessary to have you download "toco puri" from the following site. The correspondence OS: Eyephone supports in androids more than Version4.2.2 more than Version9. (explanatory note) downloading is free, but packet communication fee occurs separately.

Android use (move to "toco puri" of Google play downloading site)            

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Eyephone use (move to "toco puri" of App Store downloading site)
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