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Toda City introduction booklet

Publication day: January 19, 2017 update

Toda the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbook 2016

Toda the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbook 2016

It is the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbook which we made in commemoration of the municipal organization enforcement 50th anniversary.
Charm of Toda City is various booklets.

Toda the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbook 2016 is this

We introduce charm of town! Toda City life book 

Toda City life book 

 As part of city sales, we issued brochure "Toda City life book" which conveyed charm of town to person who moved in to Toda City.
 With this booklet, we introduce charm of Toda City and publish outing map to be able to use for event information and recommended spot, city walk. As we still live in Toda, and it is one recommended for thinking about moving to Toda from now on other than one where does not have room, please see by all means.
 (explanatory note) Booklet arranges in city hall, city public facilities.

 Toda City life book [PDF file /3 .98MB]

Collection of rurubu special episodes Toda

rurubu cover image

 As part of the 50th anniversary of the Toda City municipal organization enforcement, we issued attractive PR booklet "collection of rurubu special episodes Toda".
 We are labelled as "comfortable town close to the oasis downtown area that is full of water and green" and introduce event in the four seasons including Toda Bridge fireworks display, Lake Aya, Doman Green Park, Toda boat course, the highlight of city including Kodomonokuni, excellence recommendation product or unrivaled article gourmet of city abundantly. Charm of Toda becomes one book clogged up.

Cover [PDF file /1 .37MB]

What kind of place is Toda City (P2-3); [PDF file /2 .04MB]?

Event (P4-5) [PDF file /2 .39MB] of the four seasons

Aya lake, Doman Green Park (P6-7) [PDF file /1 .14MB]

Toda boat course / boat race Toda (P8-9) [PDF file /2 .02MB]

Toda City child center Kodomonokuni / outing spot guide (P10-11) [PDF file /1 .25MB]

Toda City excellence recommendation product check !/ bakery & sweets (P12-15) [PDF file /6 .83MB]

Gourmet spot (P16-17) [PDF file /10 .01MB]

Toda City complete chart (P18-19) [PDF file /9 .03MB]

Toda City traffic guide access map (P20) [PDF file /1 .56MB]

Toda City life convenience book

Image of Toda City life convenience book

In city, we publish Town Pages and bound volume "Toda City life convenience book" that we did of NTT Town Pages.
It is booklet which we placed information to be useful for administrative information, daily life including medical institution in. Please inflect.

Toda City life convenience book [PDF file /3 .54MB]

toda guide

 toda guide

 It is guide map of Toda City. We introduce main public facilities and event, holiday making spot.

toda guide (including main facility introduction) [PDF file /682KB]
toda guide (Toda City guide map) [PDF file /750KB]

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