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Publication day: January 10, 2019 update

We send municipal administration information to citizen's everybody with picture

We offer movement of deep topic of relation and recent municipal administration in life of everybody. Information delivering from "video archives" belongs all to Toda City.

"Contact Toda" of video archives is equivalent to "Windows Media". (please read one that you do not have after downloading)

We are delivering "even YouTube city formula video channel Toda City TV"!

Toda City TV

Toda City introduction video

Toda City introduction video is this

"Contact Toda" (ten minutes)

(explanatory note) "Contact Toda" broadcasts in J:Com Kawaguchi, Toda by tele ball (terrestrial digital 3ch) from the midday of every Saturday from 9:15 a.m. on every Sunday.

List of videos
Broadcast monthContents
January, 2019 broadcastLet's go! Let's use! Imminent headquarters of welfare center citizen
December, 2018 broadcastInterchange with Shirakawa-shi to wait for sister city, friendship town of Toda City, and to connect person, heart to
November, 2018 broadcastHealth and the welfare that forest Festival 2018 of the Toda City health welfare is fun and knows, and to learn, and to think about
October, 2018 broadcastSecurity battle front of blue pato crime prevention patrol Toda City
September, 2018 broadcastIt is upper Arakawa water cycle center park in this way line to "forest of the earth"
August, 2018 broadcastFlood fire drill of Toda City considering disaster as "my thing"
July, 2018 broadcastMedical Toda of relief, security, stability City citizen's medical center
June, 2018 broadcastTo town where none of the obstacle welfare of Toda City can live in together
May, 2018 broadcastTo town where person is connected to person from Toda City formula application toco purio shi ttemiyo
April, 2018 broadcastApproach 30, Heisei, Toda-shi fiscal budget of Toda City judging from budget 
March, 2018 broadcastPerson and nature which are connected more than Ayumi time of Toda ka original nature reproduction ten years
February, 2018 broadcastCoherence! Local ring to spread from university rowing club boat course of Toda
January, 2018 broadcasttoda child, programming, information and communication technology education of learning Toda City to the future
December, 2017 broadcastWorking woman support of Toda City supporting "we work" of woman
November, 2017 broadcastAlone to * manaidetodano child care consultation room
October, 2017 broadcastHow to use your courage normal lifesaving class, AED saving life
September, 2017 broadcastBridge with nature of Toda of the 20th anniversary of the Saiko Nature Study Center
August, 2017 broadcastCity council which makes Toda with sounding out ttemiyo citizen in structure of City council
July, 2017 broadcastRelay that various publicity work of Toda City connects thought to waiting to
June, 2017 broadcastWe care by TODA spirit exercises local power and prevent
May, 2017 broadcastWe will play exhaustively! Aya lake, Doman Green Park water and green Urban oasis
April, 2017 broadcastIt is 2017 mayor administrative policy to town shining shiningly
March, 2017 broadcastActivity of firefighting team of hero Toda City real as for the neighborhood
February, 2017 broadcastInformation and communication technology education of approach Toda City to learning that toda child is new
January, 2017 broadcastAs for the child care support of Toda City, citizen plays an active part to child care of smile, relief!
December, 2016 broadcastPride of town Toda of boat on chest! The 25th whole country municipalities interchange regatta Toda meeting
November, 2016 broadcastSpecial feature 2 of the 50th anniversary of the toda 50 years old municipal organization enforcement to celebrate with all the citizens
October, 2016 broadcastVisit now and the bygone days of Toda; and special feature I of the 50th anniversary of the municipal organization enforcement
September, 2016 broadcastTrip of water flowing through todano water supply, sewer water pipe, sewage trachea
August, 2016 broadcastLet's receive by all means! Information for specific medical examination Toda City National Health Insurance specific medical checkup
July, 2016 broadcast"Place we meet pal which can meet everybody" Kamitoda area interchange center, Toda municipal library Kamitoda Annex Building
June, 2016 broadcastToda City which we saw from the sky
May, 2016 broadcastTalk of the 50th anniversary of our town, the Toda municipal organization enforcement
April, 2016 broadcast"The future of Toda whom I tie." 2016 (Heisei 28) Toda City administrative policy
March, 2016 broadcastWe follow own command by oneself to protect the body from disaster
February, 2016 broadcastWe support! Social movement group Toda City social movement support subsidy system
January, 2016 broadcastDream of toda child spread! Sports contact experience business
December, 2015 broadcastThe highest! The present and the future of English education of English education Toda City of Toda City
November, 2015 broadcastThe prevention performs important plus, and there is health; hand-washing and rokotore
October, 2015 broadcastPlatform "we meet pal" of learning and interchange Kamitoda area interchange center opening
September, 2015 broadcastOldness and Toda Summer Toda Bridge fireworks display, Toda oldness and festival
August, 2015 broadcast"It is with town of boat", and be charmed by boat
July, 2015 broadcastApproach to reduce study bo bicycle accident by danger of traffic accident
June, 2015 broadcastEven one minute one second is early! High-performance firefighting order center
May, 2015 broadcastFrom Kodomonokuni reopening watermelon dome to green hill
April, 2015 broadcastTown Toda 2015 (Heisei 27) Toda City administrative policy of collaboration
March, 2015 broadcastWe enjoy the early spring for hot water ttari feeling! Toda City sanitarium "hot water of Shirata"
February, 2015 broadcastVisit Aya lake waiting for spring; and charm of winter Aya lake
January, 2015 broadcastWe educate science of Toda City to bring up future scientist
December, 2014 broadcastToda marathon in Aya lake 2014
November, 2014 broadcastThe "30 years when regionalism supported" Toda municipal institution folk museum 30th anniversary
October, 2014 broadcast The Earthquake Early Warning flowed! I am practical disaster prevention classroom of ... Toda City then
September, 2014 broadcastHello baby! Child care support project of welfare health center
August, 2014 broadcastLet's reduce traffic accident of bicycle! Child bicycling license classroom
July, 2014 broadcastThe advice of eco-friendly town Toda Eco life
June, 2014 broadcastHe/she goes out in toco! Toda City community bus
May, 2014 broadcastBoth child and adult are fun! Cherry tree pal Niizominami, Toda-shi multi-generation interchange building
April, 2014 broadcastTown development first year 2014 (Heisei 26) Toda City administrative policy of collaboration
March, 2014 broadcastIt is learning support toda kogakushu club and school cheering party with the whole area
February, 2014 broadcastFor ideal town development! The Toda City self-government basics regulations
January, 2014 broadcastWe meet and we learn and are introduced public hall business of Toda City contact
December, 2013 broadcastIt is active throughout the life! Inflection of Toda City silver human resources center
November, 2013 broadcastWe support child care! Child care support service of Toda City
October, 2013 broadcastClass changes by ICT! The spot of information and communication technology education of Toda City
September, 2013 broadcastIt is library, folk museum exploration tour backside infiltration of popular facility
August, 2013 broadcastFirst aid treatment spread of relay Toda City enlightenment activity of life to sustain together
July, 2013 broadcastBranch office activity of geyo Toda City Council of Social Welfare wide with happy no ring
June, 2013 broadcastGarbage is reborn; if if mix, distribute garbage; resources
May, 2013 broadcastPlace Aya lake, Doman Green Park guide that smiles of all gather
April, 2013 broadcastTown development 2013 (Heisei 25) Toda City budget to challenge by teamwork with citizen
March, 2013 broadcastTown TODA Toda City boat Dictionary of boat
February, 2013 broadcastNew item! Girl citizen musical The River Episode4 of cobalt blue
January, 2013 broadcastEnglish education junior high school of Let's Enjoy Co millimeter unication Toda City
December, 2012 broadcastWe send charm of Toda City! Activity of Toda City Film Commission
November, 2012 broadcastLocal interchange business of nursery school nursery school open to area
October, 2012 broadcastThe secret of spirit! We work on rhythm exercises local health promotion
September, 2012 broadcastTo prepare for disaster; civic disaster prevention lesson
August, 2012 broadcastPeople in succession to Toda Summer Festival regionalism which is still left
July, 2012 broadcastWe join Toda boat course quality of the water purification masterpiece war regionalism together to the future
June, 2012 broadcastFood education nomachitoda kodenshishokuiku*susumikeikaku to tie together
May, 2012 broadcastNote Toda City "note map which there is in the history" Bijogi course which there is in the history with spring breeze
April, 2012 broadcastReliable safe town development 2012 (Heisei 24) Toda City administrative policy to aim at in partnership
March, 2012 broadcastIs provoked by gentleness of Nature; and house of Toda City boy nature
February, 2012 broadcastKnow! Fun! Learning classroom toda kogakushu club
January, 2012 broadcastWhy is it? We like science to begin with this! Science education of Toda City
December, 2011 broadcastStore which supports a certain imminent store area with area, and is supported in area
November, 2011 broadcastta, su, ke, love, toda 2011 (Heisei 23) degree Toda City community-based welfare Festival
October, 2011 broadcastIt is the Toda municipal organization enforcement 45th anniversary to 45 of Toda City and the future
September, 2011 broadcastBase Toda City welfare health center of citizen's health promotion
August, 2011 broadcastApproach of nursery school of strong friend nursery school Toda City of child care
July, 2011 broadcastSecurity cooperation with eyes city and company of crime prevention to protect area
June, 2011 broadcastWe play together and are troubled together, and child care uneasiness dissolves! Area child care support base
May, 2011 broadcastWe take a walk through area along town TODA Arakawa enjoying the four seasons
April, 2011 broadcastTown development 2011 (Heisei 23) Toda City administrative policy that can realize happiness
March, 2011 broadcastBud pack the river summary version of culture that civic musical brought up
February, 2011 broadcastIt is baby food in parent and child happily! part2 latter term baby food class
January, 2011 broadcastAdvanced English education of foreign language Toda City which is pleasant when we talk
December, 2010 broadcastVisit nature and the history of hiking Toda from station
November, 2010 broadcastWe are reliable if we know! Emergency care system of emergency care guide Toda City
October, 2010 broadcastToda citizen University learning at own pace happily
September, 2010 broadcastClose to the station! Convenience! Todakoen station square Administration Center
August, 2010 broadcastOur health is activity of member of Toda City eating habits improvement promotion society by our hand
July, 2010 broadcastBoth security nomachitoda citizen and the staff are security patrol together
June, 2010 broadcastICT inflection of Toda where IT technique changes class into City elementary and junior high school
May, 2010 broadcastA certain pride oldness and Toda ka original nature reproduction business made
April, 2010 broadcastThe 2011 (Heisei 23) budget representing the future for hope and relief
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