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Letter to the mayor

Publication day: November 28, 2016 update

In city, we keep opinion and request, suggestion that we had from citizen's everybody alive for municipal administration administration and, on the basis of partnership with everybody, push forward town development. We look forward to the letter from everybody.

Contribution method and precaution of opinion

  • After filling out full name, e-mail address, address, sex, please post from the following contribution form. When required matters of full name, address are not filled in non-entry or accuracy with, we do not send answer book. When answer is necessary, please specify required item.
  • When e-mail address is not filled in exactly, we may not reply. Before the transmission, please check e-mail address of entry once again.
  • When you input cell-phone e-mail address, you set to receive email from PC beforehand, or please set to receive email from "" by domain designation. When the above-mentioned email setting is not accomplished, we may not reply.
  • We reply to e-mail address that had, as a general rule, you fill in answer.
  • Opinion sent by everybody is released based on the following standard on homepage. Person that exhibition of opinion is not hoped for, please fill in so in the email text.
  • About contents to raise below, we cannot accept.

(1)Thing of slander, contents to slander

(2)Thing of advocacy ad and business purpose

(3)Thing about politics, religious activity

(4)It is against public order and morals

(5)We spoil publicity, neutrality of city and the dignity

(6)Is guessed that send the same contents to unspecified number of the general public, and thing which is unidentified contribution purpose

(7)Other mayors establish particularly

Opinion from this

We disclose opinion that everybody gave to

Letter opinion and answer to the mayor

Example that was improved

It is public standard "civic voices"


It is intended that we aim at realization of high open municipal administration of transparency by releasing answer (we say "civic voices" as follows.) from city for them to Article 1 Toda City (we say "city" as follows.) on put "letter to the mayor" and "civic voice" row.

Open method

Exhibitions such as voices of Article 2 citizen shall perform Toda City information portal in "letter to the mayor".

Open range

As a general rule, exhibitions such as voices of Article 3 citizen shall be all released unless they correspond to one of each next issue.
(1)Individual is identified by contents of contribution or it might be estimated analogy
(2)City did not reply based on processing standard (the June 26, 2008 (Heisei 20) mayor approval) "civic voices"
(3)It is written down that we do not expect exhibition
(4)Other policy secretary general managers detected

Open contents

Voices of Article 4 citizen shall release the point. But individuals of full name, address, phone number, e-mail address shall remove identified part.


Policy secretary general manager establishes necessary matter about operation of this Article 5 standard.

Additional clause

This standard takes effect on May 1, 2009 (Heisei 21) (we say "enforcement day" as follows.), and it applies from "letter to the mayor" which we accepted after enforcement day and "civic voice".

Additional clause

This standard takes effect on April 1, 2014 (Heisei 26) (we say "enforcement day" as follows.), and it applies from "letter to the mayor" which we accepted after enforcement day and "civic voice".

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