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Publication day: March 31, 2018 update
Photograph of Mayor Toda Fumihito Sugawara

Hello, everybody.

We put by the Toda mayoral election and will take heavy responsibility of municipal administration in response to oracle from many of you. It is Fumihito Sugawara of Mayor Toda.

By the way, Toda City is young town of the average age most in the prefecture. Citizen's all of you can live by making use of the vitality safely in peace and realize town which can have town, pride to live, and to feel happiness.

We will wrestle in child care and education, economy and the employment, enhancement of the, besides, medical welfare by carrying out pledge that I advocated by the mayoral election one by one.

We deepen civic talks with all of you and ask trusted administrative administration for your understanding and cooperation, support as we act and will sweat for further development of Toda City with every effort and should be greeting that we hit mayor appointment from now on.

March 31, 2018

Mayor Toda Fumihito Sugawara