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Hello! It is the mayor

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Publication day: April 3, 2017 update
Photograph of Mayor Toda Kunio Jinbo

Toda City is blessed with nature of Arakawa located at the southeastern part of Saitama, and "ferry of Toda" of Nakasendo highway is installed in the Edo era and is town which prospered as strategic point of traffic. In addition, commencing with the Tokyo Olympics of 1964, there is "Lake Aya, Doman Green Park" that higher than "Toda boat course" and 1 million a year visit becoming boat venue of various international meetings and National Athletic Meets and is town such as oasis where water and green are rich in.

Toda City which was born as city of the throughout the prefecture 24th in 1966 reached big knot of the 50th anniversary of the municipal organization enforcement in October, 2016. Many citizens became one and celebrated this memorable age grandly and stepped forward to new one step towards the bright future filled with dream and hope. In addition, as for the Toda City, the average age is young with 40.2 years old (as of January 1, 2017) for 22 consecutive years prefecture one, and we assume transportation networks such as JR Saikyo Line, Metropolitan expressway 5 Ikebukuro Line, Tokyo outer fence beltway base more, and industry is active town mainly on the print-related work or distribution industry, too. City limits will polish as town which shines shiningly small by letting you deepen such a "profit of person" and town development utilized "geographical advantage" more.

By the way, we develop measure based on such a characteristic strategically in city.

At first it is the field of child care, education, but we lay emphasis on child care support, and Toda City is authorized first in town "Saitama area child care support town" where child care measure was enriched in the prefecture. For waiting-list child cancellation plan of nursery school, we devised waiting-list child emergency measures action plan that raised multilayer-like measures such as acceptance frame expansion of childcare and urgent security plans of childcare human resources in October, 2016. We push forward environment creation which we can leave child at in peace because 1 garden opens 3 garden, small childcare office newly in private nursery school in 2017. In addition, as further upbringing of scholastic ability in the prefecture top-class, we promote active learning through sponsored research business of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology chosen for creation of new learning pushing forward by the local governments of the whole country still more now. Furthermore, we know and act as tablet PC and campus wireless LAN environment, digital textbook which we maintained in all elementary and junior high schools in information and communication technology education that led other local governments.

Then, about field of relief, security, we install AED which we can use for all city convenience stores for 24 hours, and citizen's relief expands safe living more. Disaster prevention measures maintain storage product for all child students of elementary and junior high school, and they push forward update of emergency food premeditatedly. In addition, to town to be able to live in safely in peace, local, assisting is important above all. We will support the making of structure of mutual assistance positively in future.

In field of environment, urban infrastructure, maintain flower and promenade of rest that is green, and overflowed along Saikyo Line successively; "buy Hana Toda, and cooperate with 21 and local people how", and flower and green push forward overflow, the making of living environment with moisture in "flower road Bijogi" activity, town including wall surface tree planting to branch road of Tokyo outer fence beltway planting beautiful flower around the sidewalk. We push forward the formation of recycling society by working on measure to affect reduction and exploitation of resources of garbage still more.

About finance to support these approaches, increase of social security relations costs to advance rapidly or large-scale repair by deterioration of public facilities are anticipated, and financial status that will be severe in future is predicted. Public facilities transfer general management plan and reorganization plan steadily to practice stage and, for optimization that caught the whole public facilities in medium-and-long term viewpoint, promote aggressive administrative and financial reform. In addition, we maintain reliable financial administration not to leave burden for sequentially in the next generation and aim at offer of stable citizen service.

Finally it enforces the self-government basics regulations that are rule that citizen, assembly, administration cooperates as approach of collaboration with citizen and performs town development in July, 2014, and each respects each other and aims at realization of ideal town by showing power. We bring up regionalism for Toda City under the basic principles of the self-government basics regulations, and citizens learning sympathy increase more and will wrestle for realization of "it is with town which can realize water and happiness utilized green to mend together" with every effort in future by concentrating the citizen's power.

April, 2017

Mayor Toda Kunio Jinbo

Hello! It is the mayor
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Hello! It is the mayor
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