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Public information Toda City

Publication day: August 13, 2018 update

We publish public relations magazine "public information Toda City" of city with digital book versions

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We issue twice (in January, August, December only as for the daily issue) of daily issue and 15th issue every month. Other than news from city, we tell about wide information including topic of town. We distribute to each family through town assembly, residents' association, but are available at each branch office and railroad 3 station, large store, financial institution, post office of city hall.

Information is sending in facebook, Twitter, youtube!

All energy of the mayor! We wait and raise visits of coverage

All energy of the mayor! We wait, and, as for the coverage, the mayor reports on various places in the city and is corner to introduce. We raise the visits.

Offer of paid advertisement

We raise paid advertisements to place in public information Toda City, Toda City homepage.

About recruitment of TODA kids

One "TODA kid" of contribution corner of TODAY'S TODA of public information Toda City are corners introducing figure of cheerful Toda natives to readers.

About recruitment of members of circle

In addition, "we raise recruitment of members of circle" is city public facilities, and it is in corner where circle group moving into action gathers members for citizens.

Smartphone app "machiiro"

It is application that can read public information Toda City at smartphone and tablet terminal.