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January, 2018

Date Toda City government office event
From December 4 to February 14 Kodomonokuni area illuminations turn on!
Date Day (holiday) Toda City government office event Department in charge
1st On Monday (New Year's Day)    
2nd On Tuesday    
3rd On Wednesday    
4th On Thursday    
5th On Friday    
6th On Saturday    
7th On Sunday    
8th On Monday (Coming-of-Age Day) Toda City coming-of-age ceremony Child young people section
9th On Tuesday    
10th On Wednesday Legal advice (January) for Toda City International Association foreigner inhabitants Collaboration promotion section
    Talk; Urashima's box Library
11th On Thursday    
12th On Friday The city hall is lost power on Saturday, February 3, 2018 (until February 3) Asset management section
    totokekkono room Library
    2017 (Heisei 29) degree citizen town development private supplementary school student offer [citizen University authorization course] (until February 18) City Planning Division
13th On Saturday Library child movie society Library
    We talk and are special for Urashima's box New Year holidays Library
14th On Sunday Simulated class experience of Toda City International Association elementary school English Collaboration promotion section
15th On Monday    
16th On Tuesday    
17th On Wednesday Talk; Urashima's box Library
18th On Thursday    
19th On Friday    
20th On Saturday The citizen University economy education guide course fourth Lifelong Learning Division
    Talk; Urashima's box Library
21st On Sunday    
22nd On Monday    
23rd On Tuesday    
24th On Wednesday Talk; Urashima's box Library
25th On Thursday    
26th On Friday    
27th On Saturday Last part of Gifu Women's University, Toda City cooperation course (Toda citizen University) Lifelong Learning Division
    The fourth Para sports fiesta Culture and Sports Division
    "Is it our town where we wait, and how is Toda? ... 2017 self-government basics regulations forum to talk about the future of ... Toda, and to chase go Collaboration promotion section
    Room where there is no Library
28th On Sunday    
29th On Monday    
30th On Tuesday    
31st On Wednesday    
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